Elkster Examiner - September 4th

Fri, 09/04/2015 - 8:04pm


Welcome back to another exciting school year at Elkridge Elementary. I hope your summer vacation was perfect.  As we begin the 2015-2016 school year, I would like to welcome all of those students and families who are new to Elkridge Elementary. You've joined a vibrant, energetic school community where we hold our staff and students to high expectations while providing a learning environment that is healthy, safe and fun. 

The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to establish or reestablish routines at home that will help your child remain successful in school. Designate a special area in your home where students may complete home assignments. Research indicates that well rested children perform better in school. Make certain that your child is in bed at a time that will allow her or him to have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Please help your child begin the school day on a positive note by making sure that he or she is on time.  Our front doors open at 9:10 and all students are expected to be in their classroom before the 9:25 late bell rings. The EES staff and your child are counting on you to do your part to help make this year a success.

It was great to see so many of you at our Back to School Nights this week. I am very proud to be the principal of Elkridge Elementary and feel EES is such a great school because of the partnership between home and school.  The great turnout for Back to School Nights is evidence of that partnership.  Our teachers presented a great deal of important information about our instructional program.  If you were unable to attend, copies of the presentations can be found on our website: ees.hcpss.org.  

 In addition to the resources that were presented, I want to highlight a resource from the school system’s math office.  They have created a great website that is both user friendly and chock-full of important information.  It is called the HCPSS Family Math Support Center and it can be found at http://hcpssfamilymath.weebly.com/.  There you can find curriculum information, ideas about helping your child with math and much, much more.  It is an excellent resource and is well worth your time.

I strongly encourage all of our parents to become active in our PTA.  This provides a great opportunity to volunteer, and most importantly, to partner with us in the education of your children.  Please join us for a Meet & Greet on Wednesday, September 9th at 6:00 PM in the Media Center followed by the PTA meeting at 6:30 PM.   

Here's to a productive and successful school year!

Debra Anoff, Principal



Point of sale for school lunches

Again this year we will be using the POS (Point of Sale) system for students to buy student lunches. Elementary school lunches are available for $2.75 and milk is available for $.50. Parents may prepay for student meals by setting up an online account at myschoolbucks.com.  The prepay system works very well and we encourage parents to use it.   There are two ways to place money into your student account.  One, you may go to the website and use a credit card to put money in the account, however there is a service charge.  Two, you can send in any amount of money in an envelope marked POS system, our cafeteria manager, Ann Puffinberger, will place this amount of money into the system for you at no extra charge.  Students also have the option of paying with cash on a daily basis, but we’d like to encourage the use of the POS system this year, as our paraeducators will not be collecting money each morning.  Students will be responsible for holding onto their daily lunch money until it is time for them to eat.  Each student has been issued a PIN to use when purchasing meals with cash or prepayment. If a student has forgotten his or her PIN, cashiers can look the PIN up by student name.   We encourage students to practice their PIN number; they will have this same number until they graduate from High School.


Home/School Communication

Emergency Procedure Card – Very Important!!!

This year HCPSS will be using Family File to maintain student information for emergency procedures. At this time, 49% of EES parents have completed/updated the emergency forms on HCPSS Connect.  Our goal is 100% by the end of next week!  Those families who were previously registered in the old system will (if you haven't already) receive an email from HCPSS with specific instructions on how to register in the new system. Parents and Guardians can also visit http://www.hcpss.org/connect/ to begin the process of registering in the new system.  Additional resources are available for families to reference on the HCPSS Connect link including: 

          •                Instructions for parents that forgot their username or password

          •                Account activation support for parents new to HCPSS

•                Account access for parents of previously enrolled students

•                The Family File (Emergency Form) Quick Reference Card

•                The Family File (Emergency Form) Detailed User Instructions

•                Frequently asked questions


HCPSS Connect

As of August 31, parents will have access to the many communication and student progress resources available through HCPSS Connect. We are excited to offer new opportunities for parents to stay better engaged with their child's academics.

Throughout the first quarter, parents of elementary students (grades K-5) can expect to see pages for their child appear as class lists are finalized and loaded into the system. Our school staff members are making every effort to have these lists finalized as soon as possible to ensure parents can gain access to their child's course pages in a timely manner.


PAPER COPIES OF Elkridge Elementary Newsletter

EES will share news every week with our families via this newsletter.  In order to save paper, however, only the September 4th and 11th issues will be sent home in paper form to every family.  We ask that if you have access to this electronically, PLEASE help us SAVE PAPER and not request a paper copy!  If you do not have access to viewing this electronically, pleased fill out the bottom of this cover page and send it back to school.  After September 11th, the Elkridge Newsletter will be available only on the EES website at ees.hcpss.org or by subscribing to the free service www.hcpssnews.com where you will also receive important school notices from Public Information at HCPSS, including weather related announcements.  We urge you to stay in touch with the school via HCPSSNews if at all possible so that you do not miss out on the important information that parents need to know! 


********************************TEAR OFF AND RETURN TO THE EES FRONT OFFICE**********************

__________ YES, I prefer a paper version of the “Elkridge Newsletter” be sent home weekly with my student.        

                    __________________________________ Student’s name     ___________________________ Teacher                       

                                  ____________________________________________ Parent Signature            _______________ Date




How to Receive Emergency/School Closing and Delay Information

The HCPSS uses the methods listed below to announce school closings and delays. 


The school system’s website is the first and most complete source of information on school closings and delays.

HCPSS News email and text message alerts

Register at HCPSS News. Parents who subscribe to this free service can also opt to get news from their child’s school, and will receive the school system’s Weekly News, which provides valuable information on school activities and HCPSS-related information.

HCPSS TV - Cable TV Comcast 95/Verizon 42

Local media:

WBAL-TV – Channel 11         

WRC-TV – Channel 4 

WBAL-AM – 1090 Regional Emergency Broadcast Alert System

WTOP-FM – 103.5 Regional Emergency Broadcast Alert System

HCPSS Information Hotline 410‑313-6666

 Please note: The HCPSS does NOT use schools-out.com (which charges for text messages) or e-schoolnews.com.





Monday, September 7

No School – Labor Day


Tuesday, September 8

Band & Strings Parent Meeting 6:30pm


Wednesday, September 9

PTA Meet & Greet 6:00 Media Center

PTA Meeting 6:30 – 7:30 Media Center


Monday, September 14

No School – Rosh Hashanah


Wednesday, September 16

PTA Restaurant Night – Chick-Fil-A 5-9pm


Saturday, September 19

5K - Rocky On The Run & 1/3 Mile Fun Run  / 10am


Wednesday, September 23

No School – Yom Kippur

Morning Drop Off/ Afternoon Pick Up Reminders

We know that we have many families who are new to our car rider and walker drop off and pick up procedures.  Here are a few reminders to make the process go smoothly and safely. 

1.  The pick-up and drop off area permits 5-8 cars to unload or pick-up students at the same time.  In the AM students will enter the school’s side door.  Staff will   greet and assistant students to the side door.

2.      To exit, cars will continue around the lane on the outside of the parking lot.

3.      In the PM, students will be dismissed from the back gym door; staff will call students to their assigned cars.

4.      Your child is a walker if you park and meet them at the gym door.  You may request a car sign if there are days you will be in the car rider line.

**Please do not park along the sidewalk or islands.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Carter by phone or e-mail, Katherine_Carter@hcpss.org




A Student/Parent Handbook 2014-2015 was sent home to every family the first day of school with important policies for parents and student to become familiar with.  We would like to communicate some of these policies



Regular daily attendance is vital to the continuity of classroom instruction and participation in school activities. Therefore, students are required to be in school or to be attending a school activity each day school is in session. In recognition that situations do arise that necessitate absence from school, the Board of Education allow students to be lawfully absent for a death in the family, illness, a court summons, hazardous weather as determined by the Superintendent, work release, religious obligation, declared State emergencies, suspension, or for other emergencies or set of circumstances which in the judgment of the Superintendent or designee constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence.


The Board of Education is committed to providing a nurturing, respectful educational and work environment where the worth and dignity of individuals is valued and their safety and rights protected. Behaviors that compromise this commitment, interfere with school operations, or are otherwise contrary to the basic mission of public schools will not be tolerated.
 Any behaviors that interfere with or threaten the physical, emotional, mental, or academic well-being of students or employees will be addressed through the application of the appropriate Board policy and the HCPSS Student Code of Conduct even when they do not occur on school property or at a school-related activity.  Students, employees and third parties engaging in these behaviors are subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. Students who violate this policy may also be subject to appropriate educational interventions and/or counseling.



PTA Membership – Join our PTA today!  Membership forms will be sent home today with your child. 

PTA Meet and Greet Meeting (September 9) – Our PTA will be hosting a Meet & Greet with an Italian dinner at 6:00pm prior to the meeting in the media center.  Please join us to review all the great events planned for this year.

Giant A+ School Rewards – Register your Giant rewards card to benefit EES!  You can sign up at www.giantfood.com if you have a bonus card number.  Our school ID number is 01550.   


Community News:

The following announcements have been approved by the Public Information Office for school notices and distribution. Please feel free to contact the Public Information Office at 410-313-6682 if you have any questions.


Crossroads Church

Basket Bingo, Fri., Sept. 11 - Orphan Care Basket Bingo at The Lodge, 2832 Nine Mile Circle Catonsville.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m. games begin at 7 p.m.  20 regular games, 5 Reserve seating available for parties of 10 or more! All proceeds go to support orphan care.  Email projecthopeministry@verizon.net to request tickets.


St. Louis School

St. Louis Catholic Middle School back to school event, Fri, Sept. 11, 2015, 7-10 p.m., school caferteria. Ticket sales, Sept. 8-11, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. cost $10. For information call 410-531-6668. psrankle@stlouisparish.org 


Columbia Association

Columbia Art Center for Free Family Art Frenzy on Sun., Sept. 13, 1-3, ages welcome. For more information, please call Columbia Art Center at 410-730-0075 or email artstaff@columbiaassociation.org.


Columbia Association

When Howard County is out of school the Columbia Art Center host an Artsy Fun Day! The first one will be held on Mon., Sept. 14, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Art lesson begins at 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. For more information, please call Columbia Art Center at 410-730-0075 or email art.staff@columbiaassociation.org 


Howard Community College

Advanced Driving Skills, Sat. 12:30-4 p.m., Sept. 19, Oct. 17 and Dec. 12.  Designed for newly licensed and seasoned drivers and offered in partnership with DriveTeam. Learn a variety of skid avoidance and recovery skills using state of the art equipment (Skid-Vehicle). Offered at HCC (Main Campus, Lot F). For more information go to howardcc.edu/ConEd or call Loretta Farb at 443 518-4971.


Howard Community College

Preparation for the SAT, Sat., 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Sept. 26-Oct. 24. Take the entire prep class or take only the verbal (9am-1pm) or math (1:30-4:30), depending on your needs. Review and refresh tested skills and learn test-taking tips during this five day course. Text book and other materials provided. For more information got to howardcc.edu/ConEd or contact Sara Baum at 443 518-4976.


Columbia Association

The Columbia Art Center offers a variety of Art Classes for children of all ages and a new Youth Artistic Masters Certificate Program! Check out the Fall Brochure on www.columbiaartcenter.org for more information. For inquiries or to register, please call Columbia Art Center at 410-730-0075 or email art.staff@columbiaassociation.org .


Columbia Association

The Columbia Art Center offers a wide variety of Art Classes for portfolio development and personal interest! Also offering a new Youth Artistic Masters Certificate Program! Check out the Fall Brochure on www.columbiaartcenter.org, for more information. For inquiries or to register, please call Columbia Art Center at 410-730-0075 or email art.staff@columbiaassociation.org 


Columbia Association

The Columbia Art Center is offering Figure Drawing for Teens! Tues., 5-7 p.m., starting Oct. 13. Draw from live models.  For inquiries or to register, please call Columbia Art Center at 410-730-0075 or email art.staff@columbiaassociation.org.


Slayton House

Musical Theatrix opens their fall season with this larger than life classical production of “Wizard of Oz”. Enjoy rehearsals with live accompaniment. Sing, dance and act-Get a brain, find your heart and develop courage in this timeless tale. Follow the yellow brick road to our website at www.musicaltheatrix.com or email us at musicaltheatrix@comcast.net. Classes are held at Slayton House beginning Sept. 9, from 5-6:30 p.m. Call Slayton house at 410-730-2380.


The Glen Mar Community Church

Family 5K and 1-Mile Walk will be held on Sat., Oct. 3, 9 a.m. at Glen Mar United Methodist Church, 4701 New Cut Road, Ellicott City.  The event will benefit the Howard County Food Bank.  To register visit www.glenmar.org/gmcevents/5k/. For more information, call Connie Ballenger at 410-796-0290 or Dave Eddy at 410-465-2976.


Hopes for Henry

Register today to Make a Kid's Day join us on Labor Day, Sept. 7, Cypressmede Park 5K and Fun Run to Benefit Hope for Henry http://www.signmeup.com/site/online-event-reg/108639 Schedule of Activities: 8:30 am. Breakfast and Registration, 9 a.m. Warmup and Stretch, 9:15 a.m. 5K Race Start New this year, guest appearances from your children's favorite Superhero's, Face Painting, and much more.


Cub Scouts Waverly Elementary School

Come join Cub Scout Pack 323. We are a fun-focused organization to teach young boys, grade 1-5, the values of exploration, good citizenship, charity, leadership, and self-reliance. We build rockets and cars, go on hikes and camp, contribute to charities, learn about nature. Want to learn more? Come out to our Pack Meeting on Weds., Sept. 2, for our Rocket Launch at St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Church, 10800 Old Court Rd, Woodstock, MD., 6 p.m. Check out our website www.pack323md.org  Questions - Please email John Baker, cummaster323@gmail.com.


Cub Scouts Guilford and Cradle Rock Elementary Schools

Cub Scout Pack 373 is hosting an Information Session for prospective scouts on Fri. Sept. 18, 6:30- 7:30 p.m., and a Pack meeting open to guests on Fri., Sept., 25, 7 p.m. Both events will be in the multipurpose room at New Hope Lutheran Church directly across from the Kings Contrivance Village Center. Boys grade 1-5 this year are eligible to join. Pack Meetings are held monthly at this Church and the annual fee is $75. E-mail Pack373info@gmail.com or Cubmaster373@gmail.com or http://cspack373columbia.scoutlander.com 


Cub Scouts Pack 944 for SJLES

Join Scouting:  Come join the fun at Pack 944. We invite all boys from 1st thru 4th grade to come join us for our fall open house on Wed., Sept. 16, 7-8 p.m., at Bethany United Methodist Church. Bring your parents to find out all about scouting while you enjoy the night with classmates.  Please contact Cubmaster Scott Woolsey at 757-406-6187 or cubmaster@pack944.net for more information.

Cub Scouts 761 

PACK 761 is looking for new cub scouts!  We have openings for boys in grades 1-5.  Please join us at our recruitment meeting on Thurs., Sept. 10, 7 p.m., at Glenelg United Methodist Church for more information, fun activities and to meet our current cub scouts and leaders.  Feel free to call Cubmaster Jon Raimondi (240) 286-7918 for questions/information.  Hope to see you there! 



Elkridge Youth Organization (EYO)

Fall Baseball and Softball, Tee Ball and Coach Pitch (co-ed) ages 4-6yrs, Machine Pitch, ages 7-8yrs, Kid Pitch, ages 9-18yrs. Register at www.eyosports.org 

Season starts after Labor Day. Questions email: jclark@dbaco.com 



Cheerleading After School Program is starting the week of 9/21 in participating elementary schools!  Register at www.supersquads.org or contact supersquadsinfo@verizon.net or 410-796-2244.




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