Thu, 10/06/2016 - 4:36pm

Car Rider Safety Reminders ~ Very Important   

Student safety is a priority here at Elkridge Elementary.  This includes our student drop off and pick-up procedures.  Thegoal of these procedures is to create a safe and efficient process during arrival and dismissal times.  Your assistance with these procedures is vital to achieving our goals.  

The following are ways you can help this process:

  • 1. Follow the line of cars and obey the DO NOT ENTER signs
  • 2. Pull forward to the orange cone if you need to unbuckle or personally assist your child out of the vehicle
  • 3. Make sure your child is prepared to exit the vehicle
  • 4. Maintain a one car-length distance while in line
  • 5. Remain in your vehicle at all times
  • 6. Follow instructions given by staff members 

Please also be reminded that students may not be dropped off at school prior to 9:25.


Thank you for your help!  

Michael Caldwell, Principal