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Fri, 12/23/2016 - 4:02pm


Tis the Week Before Break
     ~Winter 2016~
Tis the week before break, when all through the school
The kids are still working, and looking so cool
The artwork is hung in the halls looking dear,
In hopes that winter break, soon will be here.
The students should be nestled all snug in their beds,
Not adding and subtracting in their wee little heads. 
Our staff outside wearing green vests bright and slick,
Bus duty in coats so they don’t get too sick
When school first started, there arose such a clatter,
Working to make sure that nothing was the matter.
Away to the workshops the staff flew like a flash,
Learning about Common Core, STEM, English and Math.
The moon on the blacktop, during Back to School Night
Sharing lots of information and rules, not to fight
When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But students, pencils in hand, looking so dear.
With a vision, so clear and so true,
We teach, they learn, and then we review.
More rapid than elks the courses they came,
Learn all the vowel sounds, list them by name!
PK!, Kindergarten! First! now, Second and Third!
On, Fourth! On Fifth! “Elkcellent” behaviors we’ve heard
To the top of the slide, to the top of the wall,
Learn Math facts! Spelling Lists!  Rules to basketball!
As dry leaves before the Turkey Trot did fly,
When they meet an obstacle, the PTA rises high.
So up to the challenge, students and staff,
We had lots of fun, even shared a laugh.
And then, in a twinkling, I heard it from the gym
Holiday Sing Along, could it be them?
As I extended my ears, they sat looking proud
Chorus, jazz band and strings playing loud.
Children dressed in warm clothes, from the head to the foot,
Their duds, all tarnished from chalk, crayons and soot,
A bundle of toys, they hope to get as a gift,
Parents, hoping to avoid a big sibling rift.
Their eyes-how they twinkle!  Dimples, how merry!
Cheeks are so rosey, a nose like a cherry!
 Look for it each year, when you are feeling merry,
The happy and elusive, Elkridge School Fairy.
You know the one, so cute, deft, amazingly spry,
 With movements so fast, like the blink of an eye.
Brings gifts for the students and even the teacher,
The most magical, happy, fun little creature.
Teachers can teach; addition, fractions, or money
Working with students as sweet as new honey
Teaching music, tech, media, art and PE
Giving kids a band-aid for a scrape on the knee.
Let’s celebrate, relax, after all the hard work,
To fill our hearts, our bellies, let’s turn with a jerk.
To join our family, and friends, come one and all,
Join round the fire together, the tall, the small.
We spring to our busses, and give drivers a whistle,
 Away we will fly like the down of a thistle.
You will hear me exclaim, as you go on your way,
“Be nice to your classmates, Come back ready for a new day!”
Warm Wishes to You!
The Administration of Elkridge Elementary




December 26 – December 30 ~ School Closed for Winter Break


Monday, January 2 ~ Students Return


Tuesday, January 3 ~ MAP Assessments 1st Grade (Math)

          PTA Meeting 7pm

Wednesday, January 4 ~ MAP Assessments 5th Grade (Math)


Thursday, January 5 ~ MAP Assessments 2nd Grade (Math)


Friday, January 6 ~ MAP Assessments 3rd Grade (Math)


Monday, January 9 ~ MAP Assessments 3rd Grade (Math)

                     PTA Restaurant Night at Tinos


Tuesday, January 10 ~ MAP Assessments 4th Grade (Math)


Wednesday, January 11 ~ MAP Assessments 4th Grade (Math)


Thursday, January 12 ~ 6th Grade Parent Information Night  (ELMS)


Friday, January 13 ~ EES Spelling Bee 2:45 – 3:40


Monday, January 16 ~ School Closed (MLK Jr. Day)


Tuesday, January 17 ~ Band Concert 7pm

                                1st Grade Field Trip to Port Discovery


Thursday, January 19 ~ PTA Family Fit Night


Tuesday, January 24 ~ Strings Concert



Upcoming Events:

January 3: PTA Meeting 7pm

January 9: Restaurant Night @ Tinos

January 19: Family Fit Night


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