Hour of Code, 2016 is Here!

Mon, 12/05/2016 - 1:33pm

The Hour of Code is happening at EES!!  If you are new to Elkridge you have not yet experienced this exciting week.  December 5th – 9th is Computer Science Education Week worldwide, and has been dubbed the Hour of Code by a non-profit organization that aims to have all kids write computer code for one hour that week.  During Tech classes this week, kids will be engaged in a series of activities that have them writing code, but we like to do this big at Elkridge!  In the foyer you may notice a thermometer with Hours we Code.  Elkster has challenged our school to complete a total of 2,500 hours of code between December 5th  - 16th.  We will need everyone’s help to complete this.


Today, on December 5th, teachers will be sending home a yellow letter with information about Elkster’s challenge.  The paper has tear off tabs for the students to complete and bring in along with a parent’s signature stating that they completed one additional hour of code at home.  Students are encouraged to spend time practicing coding and complete an entry for each hour spent.  They will then put these in the red box that will be in the middle of each pod.  There will be extra yellow tickets next to the box if they need them.  Make sure that students write their first and last name and grade clearly on each tab.  Each day, we will tally up the tabs and announcement will be made with the totals by grade level.  In addition, beginning December 6th, we will select 1 primary and one intermediate student as the daily coding winner.  These daily winners will get to schedule special coding time with their tech teachers and a robot!  We have a few Spheros and an Ozbot to code!  The challenge ends on December 16th, so turn in all tabs by then.


Feel free to get competitive and do some coding at home.  Working together with a family member can count as well!  Here is our school web page where the primary and intermediate links can be found under School Resources.  Have fun coding and good luck to your grade’s team!