10-26-18 Elkster Examiner

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 1:16pm
Friday, October 26
Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat (Begins at 6:30)
Wednesday, October 31 
Word Parade 10:00 am (Bus Loop)
Celebrations 3:00-3:40 pm (except 1st grade 2:00-3:00pm)
Thursday, November 1 
Musical Rehearsal 4:00 pm
PTA Meeting
Monday, November 5
3rd Grade Field Trip to BMI (Grabowski, Tolland, ½ Schwarzl)
End of 1st Quarter
Tuesday, November 6
General Election Day / Schools Closed
Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant Night, noon- 6pm in Glen Burnie 
Wednesday. November 7
Professional Work Day / No School for Students
Thursday, November 8
3rd Grade Field Trip to BMI (Gregory, Shilling, ½ Schwarzl)
November 12 – November 16
American Education Week (Please see information below)
Tuesday, November 13
Picture Make-up/Retakes
Wednesday, November 14
Musical Rehearsal
Quarter 1 Report Cards Issued
Saturday, November 17
Elkster 5K (More information to come)
Monday, November 19 
Turkey Trot (See schedule below)
3-hour early dismissal (12:55) Parent/Teacher Conferences
Musical Rehearsal 1:00
Tuesday, November 20 
3-hour early dismissal (12:55) Parent/Teacher Conferences
Wednesday, November 21
No school for students – Parent/Teacher Conferences 
Thursday and Friday, November 22 & 23
Thanksgiving Break
November 26 & November 27 
Musical Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday, November 28 
Musical 6:00 pm
Uno's Restaurant Night, Long Gate          
Thursday, November 29
Musical 6:00 pm 
I hope that this edition of the newsletter finds you all well.  We are looking forward to our Halloween Parade this Wednesday, October 31, at 10:00.  Guests are invited to view the parade from the sidewalks in the front of the building. Please note the parade is held in the bus loop and it will not be available for parking.
It is hard to believe that the first quarter closes November 5th and report cards will be issued November 16.  Report card comments are intended to supplement the report card.  The comments should reflect the student’s current performance in relation to the objectives, identify areas of strength or need and provide information on ways to support learning at home.  Teachers are encouraged to share similar information across the grade level with parents to promote consistency and align the comments with significant topics of study.
Questions often arise regarding calculation of the Effort Grades and Learning Behaviors.  Effort grades reflect a combination of factors including a student’s participation in small and large groups, quantity and quality of work, and the student’s comment to task to name a few.  Learning behaviors are aligned with the school wide behavioral expectations and school rules. A grade of 1 for the learning behaviors is considered outstanding and indicates that a student independently displays the stated behavior with almost no reminders.
Michael Caldwell, Principal
As we enter the flu season, this is a reminder that good hand washing and covering sneezes and coughs with tissues and sleeves are essential steps to preventing the spread of “germs”.  Also, remember that despite concerns about school attendance, your children’s health (and the health of other children) is most important of all.  For this reason, we ask you to please:
Call the school nurse to let us know if your child is absent with a contagious illness such as strep throat, or the flu etc.  Please provide any documentation from your physician about diagnosis and release to return to school.  (Ear and sinus infections, while often a reason for keeping a child home, are not usually contagious.) 
Keep your child home if he/she has a fever of over 100.  A fever indicates that your child has an infection that could pass on to other students.  If you give your child Motrin or Tylenol, the fever will, of course, disappear but he/she will still be contagious to others.  Children must be fever-free for 24-hours (without medication) before returning to school!
Have your child was their hands properly after using the restrooms and prior to eating.
If the doctor prescribes medication for your child, please make sure he/she takes it as directed-which means the right amount at the right time and without missing doses.  
Thank you very much for helping keep all our students healthy!  Any questions, please contact Jen Tucker or Marianne Jones at 410-313-8506.
Bus 808 changed to Bus 170
Attention EES families:
We have been notified that students who ride bus 808 will now ride Bus 170.  The students should have the same bus driver.  If you have any questions, please contact Miss Richardson in the EES Front Office.
Parents, please know that there is no adult supervision of students in front of the school until the 9:10 bell each morning.  Students should not be dropped off in front of the building before 9:10 due to safety concerns.  
If you desire to have your child dismissed earlier than the regular dismissal time, please use the notes entitled A Note Home from School to communicate with your child’s teacher that morning stating the reason, the time, and the person who will pick up your child. The person coming for your child needs to come to the office to sign your child out. For safety reasons, personal identification is required by all persons taking a child out of the building. The office personnel will call your child to the office once ID is verified. Please arrive no later than 3:30 for early dismissals and be aware that instruction will be taking place up until at least 3:45. Please try to minimize the number of early dismissals for your child to limit the number of interruptions of classroom instruction. Be sure to send in a note with your child if there are any changes in the normal dismissal plan.
If there is a change in dismissal, you must send in a note to your child’s teacher in the morning. If you have an emergency that causes a need for the day’s dismissal procedure, please contact the front office prior to 3:30 so that we can accurately communicate this information to your child’s teacher. Do not send same day changes to a teacher via email as it may not be read it a timely fashion. Without notification of a change by a parent or guardian, students will be sent home via their transportation on record.
Our annual Word Parade will be held next Wednesday, October 31st at 10am.  Students will parade around the bus loop located in the front of both EES and ELMS (Elkridge Landing Middle School). Parents viewing the parade will be invited to watch from the sidewalk. Students should wear their costumes to school over their normal clothing.  Students will attend specials on this day.  Parties will be held in the afternoon at 3pm, with the exception of first grade who will party at 2pm, and then go to Specials. Parties will be held in the afternoon and will be for students only. For more information on the Word Parade, click here.  If your student will not be participating in the parade or afternoon celebrations, please contact the homeroom teacher by e-mail or note.    
When selecting a costume, please be reminded that school policy does not permit violent or gory outfits. Full make-up and scary masks are not permitted.  We have students as young as four years old and would like to assure that everyone can participate in a fun and appropriate event.  Students may not bring weapons or toys resembling guns, knives, swords, etc.  Please provide costumes that students can independently assemble. This makes preparation for the events much easier for the class.  An alternative activity will be provided for students not participating in the vocabulary parade or the classroom party. Should you have any questions regarding the festivities, please contact your child(ren)’s teacher(s) or the administrative team.
This year, American Education Week is being held from November 12-16.  In keeping with tradition, Elkridge Elementary invites our families (adults only) to support education by joining us at school.  While guests are invited to join us throughout the week at any time, various grade levels are also hosting special events throughout the week.  Below is a chart of the dates, time and central focus of these events.  
• K: Nov. 14 @ 9:45-10:45 Math Activity
• 1: Nov. 15 @ TBA Thanksgiving Meal
• 2: Nov. 16 @ 10:45-11:45 Reading Activity
• 3: Nov. 13@ 1:30-2:30 Language Arts Activity
• 4: Nov. 15 @11:45-12:45 Math Activity
• 5: Nov. 16 @ 2:30-3:30 Writing Activity
If you choose to come at a different time, you will find the master schedule by clicking on the following link to assist in your planning.  http://ees.hcpss.org/events/2018-19-master-academic-schedule
Please keep in mind that regular instruction will be in place and we ask that siblings not come into class at that time. Student conferences are being held the following week and teachers are not available during the day for this purpose.  We hope that you are able to join us during American Education Week!
Our annual Turkey Trot will take place Monday, November 19th.  The Turkey Trot is a fun activity for families, students, and staff to exercise together.  A course of about a mile will be marked off for runners.  The route travels around both EES and ELMS properties.  Parents and other guests are welcome to run or just come to watch.  Please enter through the building, sign in, head down the hallway and directly out to the blacktop.  The Turkey Trot is to highlight the benefits of exercise only; no awards will be given.  Please check the following schedule to determine the time your student will participate.
• 9:30 – 10:00 4th Graders
• 10:00 – 10:30 3rd Graders
• 10:30 – 11:00 5th Graders
• 11:00 – 11:30 2nd Graders
• 11:30 – 12:00 Kindergarten
• 12:00 – 12:30 1st Graders
Our conference window for this school year is November 19-21.  Schools close 3-hours early (12:55) on Monday and Tuesday, the 19th and 20th and there is no school for students on Wednesday the 21st. This year there will be two conference windows, Language Arts Conferences in the fall and Math in the winter.  This fall’s conferences will include 5th grade GT classes and Ms. Rager’s 3rd grade math class.  4th grade GT conferences will be scheduled in the winter.  Parents will be able to begin scheduling fall conferences starting Wednesday, October 31.  Please visit HCPSS Connect to schedule a conference.  All conferences will last 15 minutes. When you register, you will see they are set up for twenty minute blocks to allow for transition time between conferences and to help keep on the start times on schedule. It is important arrive on time to your conference as teachers will not be able to go beyond the scheduled time. 
The directions for parent conference registration, please see attached document.  If you are in need of extra support, resources can be found on the HCPSS website.
Conference Scheduling Timeline:
October 31 at 10:00 AM         Language Arts Scheduling Opens (HCSPP Connect)
November 12 at 4:00 PM       Language Arts Window Closes (HCPSS Connect)
November 14 at 3:00 PM       Math and Language Arts Scheduling (Including GT) can only be done by contacting the  front office directly at 410-313-5006 on November 14 and 15.  
November 15 at 4:00 PM        All Conference Scheduling Closes
Register your Giant rewards card to benefit EES!  You can sign up at www.giantfood.com if you have your bonus card number. Our school ID is 01550.
We value our volunteers and the contributions they make to our students and schools. Parents who wish to volunteer must complete a brief training course online and submit a certificate of completion to their school. This also includes anyone who chaperones a field trip.  No person can be selected as a chaperone who hasn’t completed this training.  
With the changing weather, it is often difficult to decide on how to dress.  Please keep in mind that we will be going out to recess as much as possible, so please help us by having your child dress for the weather each day.  Please be sure to label your student’s clothing and other personal items.  This will make it easier to return lost items back to students.  Our lost and found currently has several items that have not been claimed.  If your student is missing a jacket, lunch box, other personal item, please have them check the lost and found located on the right hand side of the stage in the cafeteria.  
Registration is now open for the 8th Annual Elkster 5K!  All entries are just $10 this year.  We hope to see you there, 8am on Saturday, November 17th!  Registration forms went out last week and can also be found on the PTA website.  
Upcoming PTA Dates
11/1 PTA Meeting, 7pm Media Center
11/6 Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant Night, noon-9pm Glen Burnie location
11/17  8th Annual Elkster 5K, 8am at EES
11/28 Uno's Restaurant Night, Long Gate
11/28-29 PTA 5th Grade Musical Bakesale
12/6 PTA Meeting, 7pm Media Center
12/14 Holiday Shoppe, 6:30-8:30pm
12/18 Chick-fil-A Restaurant Night, 5-8pm Linthicum location
Please visit the Community News and Programs page at  http://www.hcpss.org/community-news-and-programs/ for announcements of upcoming events and programs sponsored by non-profit organizations.