Google Meet Codes

Wed, 09/02/2020 - 6:13pm

The codes listed below will be used for your child to login to their Homeroom (including Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health, and small  groups for reading) and Math classes (grades 1-5) daily.  Kindergarten students will use the Homeroom code for both homeroom and math classes. For Related Arts classes (PE, Media, Technology, & Music) you will use the homeroom code with “–ra” at the end.  Example: ees-mcaldwell-ra. The students will login into using the one related arts code, regardless of the class, and the teacher will come to them! 



Kindergarten     First Grade  
Laura Jagoda ees-ljagoda   Jenell Boardley ees-jboardley
Lyndsey Alvarez ees-lalvarez   Laura Fortney ees-lfortney
Valerie Hubbs ees-vhubbs   Cindy Lovo ees-clovo
Cynthia Johnson ees-cjohnson   Molly Miller ees-mmiller
Michelle Kirby ees-mkirby   Nancy Paik ees-npaik
Kaitlyn Scott ees-kscott   Sherri Sloat ees-ssloat
Second Grade     Third Grade  
Shelly Cooke ees-scooke   Kim Gregory ees-kgregory
Diana Andrews ees-dandrews   Deb Schwarzl ees-dschwarzl
Debbie Hurlock ees-dhurlock   Kathy Shilling ees-kshilling
Kaitlyn O'Carroll ees-kocarroll   Melissa Stahr ees-mstahr
Kim Petry ees-kpetry   Ryan Toland ees-rtoland
Jessica Wilson ees-jwilson      
Fourth Grade     Fifth Grade  
Stephanie Tully ees-stully   Laura Grabowski ees-lgrabowski
Kelly Hamilton ees-khamilton   Blake Beaudoin ees-bbeaudoin
Kim Leffler ees-kleffler   Rachel Clewer ees-rclewer
Megan Tiralla ees-mtiralla   Kelly McNally ees-kmcnally
Zakiya Williams ees-zwilliams   Kevin Ridgley ees-kridgley
GT     Pre-School Pre-K
Lee Pfeifer ees-lpfeifer   ees-kmcculler ees-ktacka
Cheryl Ragar ees-crager