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Fri, 12/07/2018 - 4:08pm


Tuesday, December 11

CogAt Testing 3rd Grade 1:00 pm


Friday, December 14

PTA Holiday Shoppe


Tuesday, December 18

Chick-fil-A Restaurant Fundraiser 5:00 – 8:00 pm Linthicum


Wednesday, December 19

Quarter 2 Interims issued


December 24 – January 1

Schools closed for winter break


Thursday, January 3

PTA Meeting 7:00 pm


Tuesday, January 8

Chorus Concert 7:00 pm


Tuesday, January 15

Band Concert 7:00 pm


Thursday, January 17

Strings Concert


Monday, January 21

Schools Closed


Friday, January 25

International Night Celebration (More information to come)



We are excited to announce that Elkridge Elementary received Google Chromebooks as part of the HCPSS Board of Education's technology plan! The Chromebooks are being assigned to students in Grades 3-5 for daily use and all students, K-5, will have the opportunity to use them throughout the school year. The Chromebooks function as both a laptop and tablet and will provide students with access to content, resources and interventions in an efficient and personalized way.  Training for staff and students is on-going and we expect students in Grades 3-5 to each have a Chromebook by January 2nd. Additionally, the school plans to purchase 50 additional devices and three storage carts to supplement the Chromebooks provided to us. We are also purchasing annual Read & Write Chrome Extension subscriptions for students in Grades 3-5 to further increase their access to content with tools such as text-to-speech, picture dictionaries, and aides for note taking.  

We will hold several fundraising opportunities this spring to support the purchase of the additional equipment and tools. We hope that you will be able to support our efforts through your contributions!  If you wish to contribute directly towards our Chromebooks for Students campaign, please contact Stacey Wells at  Our goal is to raise $20,000 and every donation counts!

Michael Caldwell, Principal



The latest federal legislation about school accountability is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law in 2015. Under ESSA, each state is required to submit a plan detailing how the law will be implemented, including how it will hold schools accountable for student performance. Some parts of the accountability system are required by law—for example, all high schools, nationwide, are accountable for their graduation rate. The law also allows states to choose components of the accountability system that are important to its students and stakeholders.

Maryland created its accountability system over the past 18 months. The State Board of Education, MSDE staff,
superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, community leaders, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders around the State worked together to create an accountability system that measured relevant, actionable aspects of school performance. The State plan was approved by the U.S. Department of Education in early 2018.


KEY DETAILS: What ESSA Measures-
The accountability system has two parts: academic indicators, which make up 65 possible points in the system, and measures of school quality and student success, which are 35 possible points. For elementary and middle schools, the academic indicators are:

• Academic Achievement: A combination of the percent of students scoring “proficient” or higher on state standardized tests in math and English Language Arts, and the average Performance Level of students on state standardized tests.

• Academic Progress: A combination of (1) how each student’s performance has grown compared to previous years on state standardized tests in English Language Arts and math, and (2) the percent of fifth or eighth grade students earning credit in core coursework. (In upcoming years, this indicator will also include student performance on state science and social studies tests.)

• Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency: The percentage of a school’s English language learner population who are on track toward achieving proficiency in the English language.  The measures of school quality and student success are the percent of students at the school who (1) are not chronically absent, and (2) enrolled in a well-rounded curriculum. (In upcoming years, this indicator will also include a school climate survey.)

Star Ratings-
The stars given to each school express a school’s “final score” on the Maryland accountability system, along with a school’s percent of total earned points and percentile rank. Awarded stars are determined from the total earned points percent across all academic and school quality indicators.

5 stars when a school has earned at least 75% of the total possible points
4 stars when a school has earned at least 60% but less than 75% of the total possible points
3 stars when a school has earned at least 45% but less than 60% of the total possible points
2 stars when a school has earned at least 30% but less than 45% of the total possible points
1 star when a school has earned less than 30% of the total possible points


Levels of Underperforming Schools
The federal ESSA framework requires states to identify two levels of underperforming schools; Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) and Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools.

• TSI schools are identified when an individual student group is performing as low as the lowest five percent of Title I elementary/middle schools and the lowest five percent of Title I high schools.

• CSI schools are identified if a school meets any of these three criteria: (1) a school’s “all students” group performance is in the lowest achieving five percent of Title I schools in the state of Maryland, (2), high schools with less than 67% graduation rate or (3) a TSI identified school is not showing improvement after three years.

If the HCPSS has TSI or CSI schools identified, the Division of Communications will work with the individual school to communicate to the community as required by the MSDE.


School reports may be found on the MSDE’s Report Card website and additional information on ESSA is posted on the HCPSS website.




Who: Students in Grades 2 – 5 

What: Write a poem or short story 

Entries must be  original work. 

All entries must use no smaller than 12 point font in  Times New Roman or Comic Sans. 

Short story entry may range from a minimum of 300 words to no more than 800 words.   Poem entry will consist of a single poem, any style from a minimum of 25 words to no more than 150 words. 

Entries must  not  include graphics. 

Each entry must include a completed typed Young Authors' Contest Cover Sheet signed by the student author and sponsoring teacher. 

Entries due by December 14, 2018. 

If you have any questions, please contact either Freya Hill ( or Julianna Hayes ( directly. 


Holiday Help

EES is happy to assist families who are in need of assistance this holiday season. If you are a member of our community and would like to make a donation to families in need, we will accept gift cards in denominations of $25.00 to Green Valley, Walmart, or Target. We cannot accept cash. Please drop off your donation in the EES front office no later than Monday, December 10th. Thank you for your generosity. Happy Holidays!


Cold Weather Reminders

As our weather continues to get chillier, we find that many students are being dropped off prior to the start of the school day.  Please remember our doors open at 9:10am.  Students are not allowed in the building until this time.  The final bell rings at 9:25 am, both front doors are closed and students are marked tardy.  Any time after 9:25 am students are required to be signed into the school by a parent or guardian.  Please understand this is for both student safety and record keeping.  We appreciate your understanding and support.

It’s also a good time for a reminder about recess.  In accordance with the HCPSS Health and Wellness Policy we believe that outdoor exercise is a healthy and an important part of each day.  It provides a break from the regular school routine, a chance to get some outdoor air and an opportunity to run off excess energy to revitalize children and physically prepares them for additional learning throughout the school day.  Children should come prepared for outdoor recess every day and wear clothing that considers the season and outdoor conditions.  HCPSS guidelines are for students to have outdoor recess when the wind chill is at or above 20° F. 

At times it is necessary to close or delay the start of schools due to weather conditions.  Please see the following link to find out procedures and resources you will need to know if a change occurs.



Holiday Shoppe

EES PTA is hosting our annual Holiday Shoppe the evening of December 14th.  Children will have the opportunity to purchase gifts for their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.  Gift items range from 25¢ to $12., with most gifts in the $1 to $5 range.  Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.  

Parents can shop too! Local vendors will be there as well as a full SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!!

Volunteers are needed!! Parents, grandparents, friends and older kids who may need service hours can help us out! Use the link below to sign up.

Without volunteers, the PTA would not be able to sponsor events like this.  The more help we have, the more special it will be for the children.  We want each child to have a night filled with fun and pride as they pick out special gifts for their loved ones.

Thank you for helping make our school the BEST!!


Holiday Shoppe Vendors

The EES PTA's Holiday Shoppe will be held December 14.  We're looking for vendors, crafters, and direct sales reps to reserve tables at the vendor portion of this popular event.  The cost is $20 per space or $15 for EES families and staff.  Visit for the sign up and PayPal link.  We do not duplicate companies, so please contact, before submitting payment.  


BJs Wearhouse Club Discount Memberships

It's time once again for discounted memberships and renewals through EES PTA.  Renewing members get a discount off the regular rate and one extra month free. This will be added to any remaining months you have left on your current membership.  New members get a deeply discounted rate.  Forms and instructions are on our website: and are due back to school by December 14th!  BJ's gives us $5 for every membership.


December Lunch/Recess Help


International Night

Save the date for the 2nd Annual International Night, Friday, January 25th!


Upcoming PTA events:


14th: Holiday Shoppe, 6:30-8:30pm (Vendors and Scholastic Book Fair open at 6:30pm, Kids Shoppe will open at 7pm)

18th: Chick-fil-A Restaurant Night, 5-8pm 1610 W. Nursery Rd, Linthicum (we will earn 15% through mobile orders and 10% through drive through and at the counter orders with flier)



3rd: PTA Meeting 7pm Media Center

Note: Children's activities and supervision will be provided for those who need it at the PTA meeting.

10th: Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Night, 4-10pm

25th: 2nd Annual International Night Celebration



Please visit the Community News and Programs page at for announcements of upcoming events and programs sponsored by non-profit organizations.