Former EES Student Upgrades Outdoor Classroom

Thu, 10/26/2023 - 4:52pm

Former EES student, Emery Kraeuter, recently upgraded our outdoor classroom.  Read his story below:


Student standing in front of outdoor classroom


"When I started looking for an Eagle Scout Project over a year ago, I wanted to find a project that meant a lot to me and would benefit the Elkridge community. I attended Elkridge Elementary and I used to love using the outdoor classroom in the fall and spring seasons. Due to deterioration from the elements over the years, the outdoor classroom fell into disrepair and has not been very usable to the teachers and students for several years. I decided that I would really like to rejuvenate this area to bring back the fun and joy of outdoor lessons for Elkridge Elementary teachers and students in this space. This idea eventually stemmed into what became my Eagle Scout Service Project, a crucial requirement in the Eagle Scout process.  


The plan to rejuvenate the area was simple at first to replace rotten wood, clean and freshen everything up, and make it safe for students. The project quickly grew more complex as I further examined the condition and planned out my goals. By the end of my project, I ended up doing much more to the classroom than originally anticipated. I completely dug out and replaced the entire 1st row of seats and both railing railings that were totally rotten, I removed and replaced the top seats with long-lasting composite lumber, and added over 6 tons of new gravel for improved drainage. I concluded the project by incorporating the EES personalized bricks for the 85th anniversary and added a new flower garden off to the side over by the ramp entrance. 


With material and monetary donations from the Elkridge community, help from over 45 volunteers, and over 400 total service hours, the outdoor classroom renovations are finished and officially ready to be reopened."


Check out the before and after photos here: PDF icon Emery's Eagle Before and After 20231024.pdf!