Announcement to EES Students and Staff

Fri, 11/11/2016 - 9:34am

This announcement was shared to EES this morning by Principal Caldwell:

As many of you know this past Tuesday was an election for the President of the United States. Tuesday’s presidential election has caused strong feelings for many people.  Some are happy while others may not be. Some may even be worried.

Emotions are never wrong and no matter how you feel or how the adults who love you feel, I want you to know that our school is a safe place for you.  We care about you and one of our main jobs is to keep you safe.  This is a school where no one should be teased or bullied because of who they wanted to be president.  If you see this happening, please tell an adult so we can help.


Our social studies curriculum teaches about the democratic process and what it means to be a United States citizen.  One of our most important rights and responsibilities is the right to vote and millions of Americans voted on Tuesday in a peaceful and respectful way.  As we move forward, I know that our country will continue to be one where there is “liberty and justice for all”.