Student Material Pick Up/Drop Off **Important**

Sat, 08/22/2020 - 2:09pm

Student Material Drop-off/Item Pickup 

Greetings to the Elkridge Elementary Community! I want to begin by acknowledging that the transition to online learning is full of challenges for the entire school community. We acknowledge that there are many obstacles that exist for families trying hard to balance the realities of online learning with family and work obligations. I apologize for the delay in providing critical information in what is surely a busy time. I am working with our staff to create coherent plans for both their return on August 25th and of course to welcome all of you. Please read on for important information! 

There will be four days( Aug. 26th, 27th, Sept. 1st and 3rd) for contactless drive through device pick-up and drop-off at Elkridge Elementary between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. Please use the sign up below to indicate your preferred pick-up window. This will allow us to have your specific materials ready for you.  

Elkridge Elementary Pickup/Drop off Form

Chromebooks and other School Supplies

For the 20-21 school year: All students of Elkridge Elementary will be issued a Chromebook for the school year. Chromebooks have been purchased for every student and we are encouraging everyone to use them even if you have a device at home. There is no need to request one. Simply sign-up for a pickup time! Consistent technology will help ensure all students have a functioning device with the latest browsers so they can access all the curriculum and navigate the various online platforms. Non-HCPSS devices may have difficulty accessing all the content required for students. This will also allow school staff to better answer questions and troubleshoot if an issue arises.  Upon taking possession of an HCPSS-owned Chromebook, families agree to the HCPSS Student Mobile Technology Duties and Obligations.

All students K-5 will receive an Elementary Art Pack-Watercolor Set w/ Brush, 12x18 paper, Construction paper pack, Permanent Marker (Black), Large Eraser, 4 oz. Glue Bottle.  

Additionally, students will receive the grade specific materials listed below. 

Please note: Instruments for students in the Band/Strings Programs and for Music class will be distributed at a later date. 


Table of Materials to be distributed by school by grade


                  Materials-to be distributed by the school 



  1. Pre-K General Printed Packet- materials for reading, writing, math, class community time etc. 
  2. Pre-K Art Pack- Watercolor Set w/ Brush, 12x18 paper, Construction paper pack, Large Eraser, 4 oz. Glue Bottle 




  1. K ELA Packet-Handwriting journals, high-frequency words, letter/sound chart, and poetry packet. 
  2.  K MATH Packet-Digit Cards 0-9, Subitizing Cards, Dots/ten frames, Ten Frame Mat, Mini ten frames, Domino Cards,  
  3. 0-50 chart  
  4. Elkridge Welcome Packet-Welcome Letter from Teacher, Puppets, All About Me Poster 

First Grade 

      1. GRADE 1 ELA Packet-Handwriting journals, high-    frequency words, letter/sound chart, poetry packet 

      2. GRADE 1 Math Packet-Digit Cards 0-9, Ten Frame Mat, Ten Frames, Domino Cards, 120 chart, Addition Chart 

Second Grade 

      Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart,   Hundreds Charts to 1,000, Addition Chart 

Third Grade 

      Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Hundreds Charts to 1,000, Multiplication Chart 

Fourth Grade 

       Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Decimal Place Value Chart, Multiplication Chart 

Fifth Grade 

      Math Packet- Digit Cards 0-9, Spinner 0-9, Place Value Chart, Decimal Place Value Chart, Multiplication Chart 



















All families should plan to attend on one of the following dates.

How and when do I return and pickup items? 


All pick-ups will be between 10 am and 2 pm. Families are to sign-up below to indicate which hour window works best for them so that materials can be prepared in advance. Please indicate all of the children in the family so that we can have everything ready at once! We cannot allow one family to pick up materials for another. All materials must go directly to the intended family.  We have designated the following dates: 

  •  Wednesday, August 26        10 am-2pm  
  •  Thursday, August 27            10 am-2pm 
  •  Tuesday, September 1         10 am-2pm 
  •  Thursday, September 3       10 am-2pm (Kindergarten Families are encouraged   to attend this day as some staff members will be present! 


 What items should/should not be returned? 

  •  Chromebooks: If your child already has a Chromebook and will remain in HCPSS (at EES or any HCPSS school) this upcoming school year, he/she should keep the Chromebook.  
  •  Any student who received a device as part of an IEP should retain that device. 
  •  If your child is not returning to HCPSS this school year, Chromebooks should be returned.  
  •  Instruments: If your child has an instrument that belongs to EES and will remain in band/strings this upcoming school year, he/she should keep the instrument at this time. 
  •  If your child is not continuing with the instrument in the band/orchestra and it belongs to EES, it should be returned. 
  •  For new 6th graders, please return the EES instrument during one of the days to EES. 
  • Books and other items: All school issued books, textbooks, novels, media center books or other items  that belong to EES should be returned.

​What safety precautions are in place to protect families and school staff during drop-off/pickup? 

  • During the drop-off process, it is critical that students and families maintain all social distancing practices, wear masks, and remain in their cars at all times.
  • We ask that everyone follows the directions of the staff members present during drop off to ensure everyone's safety.
  • If you prefer to use your trunk to return/receive items, simply inform staff upon arrival. 

How will the drop-off/pickup operate? 

  • All guests on property should wear a mask and remain in your vehicle at all times. Follow the signs into the staff parking lot. The middle school will also be hosting drop off events on September 1st and 3rd.  Please be patient and follow the signs and directions of staff.  
  • Please write your child/children’s name(s) on a sheet of paper and have it displayed on the front dashboard/passenger side of the vehicle to make distribution easier. 
  •  Place all materials to be returned to EES in a bag labeled with your child’s first and last name (the bag will not be returned to you.) 
  •  If possible, include a "Returned Materials Form" in the bag or you can simply write the information on a sheet of paper. 
  •  Please write your child's name on a sheet of paper and have it displayed on the front dashboard/passenger side of the vehicle. 


Device Supports and Technology Resources 

Howard County Technology Website